We Are Moving!

Baltimore. Source: city-data.com

I alluded to some big news in my last post and here it is….. we are moving! To Baltimore! I am….. let’s see….. excited, stressed, happy, anxious, exhilarated….. basically, all the emotions. For a couple of years now, we had been throwing around the idea of moving to the D.C. area, mainly to be closer to family. […]

Design Inspiration from Around the World: Made to Measure, Hotel Chic at Home, Signature Spaces


There are so many new design books this season that are really speaking to me with their global inspiration. Here are three of my favorites which I know will speak to you too. Made to Measure, Meyer Davis, Architecture and Interiors by Will Meyer and Gray Davis with Dan Shaw (Veondome Press, October, 2016) showcases […]