Rowhouse Renovations: the Master Bath

Style Blueprint

Hi, friends! November almost got by me without a post but we’re getting in just under the wire! I’ve also been so remiss in updating you on the new house! I have all of these half written posts about everything that’s been going on but haven’t had time to finish them. But let me at least catch you up on one room – the master bath – before we all scatter for the holidays. It’s a long story but basically the contractor fell short and we had to let him go before finishing. Not a good situation. So I don’t have a final room to show you yet but I can at least share my ideas.

First, these are the inspiration photos I used as my jumping off point…..

There is an old clawfoot tub which I will be refurbishing as soon as I get a minute. I loved the idea of combining it with the shower area instead of building a separate shower like this…..


but with a glass door to contain the splashing…..

but ultimately the room just wasn’t big enough to pull this off.

I also planned on a double console sink…..

but there was a communication error and the ones that were installed were too large so they need to be switched out. Ugh.

The one thing that did go right was the tile. I knew I wanted to do subway tile on the walls and marble hex tiles on the floor like this…..

and I love my choice. Remember John Derian’s bathroom? Another good case for keeping it classic.

As for fixtures, I resisted going the brass route because as much as I love them, it seems like that is what’s expected these days so…..

I still find the bathrooms at the Ludlow where I stayed a year ago really inspiring though….


so I went with this style but in and old school chrome finish with white porcelain.

I also chose simple chrome wall sconces on either side of the mirror which, by the way, are old fashioned medicine cabinets. We put one in at the farmhouse and it’s so convenient I can’t believe I’ve been living without one all these years. When did they go out of fashion? Speaking of which, remember Sofia Coppola’s?


But I digress….

I’m desperately trying to find someone to finish the job so hopefully, I’ll be able to share a finished room with you soon. Thankfully, the rest of the house is coming along with less drama and it’s feeling more and more like home!

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