Summer and New House Update


Hi, friends, how have you been?  Let me fill you in on what’s been going on since the big news of our move. I’ll try to keep the whining and complaining to a minimum but it’s been a rough transition!

So….. we searched high and low and far and wide and finally, finally found a house that seemed to have just what we were looking for: the right balance of original period details and updates, without requiring an overwhelming amount of work. Or so we thought.

FTRB Rowhouse

Oh, it started out so promising. It’s laughable to look back now and see how naive I was! I was so excited to turn it into the historic home of my dreams but we quickly ran into many – and I mean many – unforeseen issues and problems. Let me tell you, fixing up a Victorian era house is no joke. Everything from the plumbing to the electrical to the windows to the roof to the doors to the floors…..needed work. You’re probably thinking Duh and rightfully so. #lessonlearned. All the while we were organizing our move, selling our old house, living out of suitcases while shuttling back and forth between our old house, the farm and hotel. It was a real test of both my sanity and our marriage(!)


This is slightly off topic but….. While all of this was going on, there was just no time for a blog post so I thought I’d at least try to document some of the behind the scenes on Instagram. But here’s the thing about me: no matter how hard I try, I just don’t like seeing (or posting) all the ugly, nitty gritty photos. Like this…..

FTRB Rowhouse

I know there is a lot of talk about how what we post online is overly edited and filtered and therefore, not a true picture of what our lives really look like. I agree with all of that but the aesthete in me just does not enjoy looking at images that are less than beautiful, and that includes my own. I’m curious, does anyone else feel this way? Anyway, that’s the reason if you follow me on IG you know that I haven’t posted much lately.

FTRB Rowhouse

So getting back to the house, I had big plans to have it completely ready before moving in but as time went on, it was obvious that we would be lucky if we could even get it habitable enough to move in. Well, it turned out we wouldn’t be that lucky and we ended up moving into a house full of dust and debris which was exactly the situation I was trying to avoid. This led to a meltdown (or two) on my part but ultimately I just had to get over it. After all, I wanted a historic house!

So, as I write this post, we’re moved in and trying to settle in as much as we can around the mess. And I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the repairs so hopefully, it won’t be long before the fun (i.e. decorating) can begin!


Meanwhile, on the farm…..It’s one of those incredible twists of fate that this little slice of heaven came into our lives when it did. Escaping there on the weekends is what kept me from completely losing it these past few months. The mountains, quiet and slow pace of life really puts things in perspective. (I am so country now! No one saw that coming, least of all, me.)


So that’s the latest from both city and country. As soon as I get all of these people out of my house (nothing personal but I won’t be sad to see them go!) I’ll be back to show you some more around the new house. And I promise no more complaining! I hope your summer is off to a great start!


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11 thoughts on “Summer and New House Update

  1. Sending good wishes and much needed energy your way, Ally! Renovations are so tough but the house will be perfect when it’s done. I can’t wait to see what you do! 🙂

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