Laundry Room Reveal

Brazilliance Laundry Room FTRB

While we’re on the topic of rooms that never got their 15 minutes, should we take a look at our Palm-Banana Leaf-Madness laundry room?

You may remember this sneak peek of the room from last year……

Well here is the entire space today in all its tropical glory…..

FTRB laundry room

For those of you who enjoy seeing the Before photos, I could only find this little snapshot…..

laundry room before

It was basically a blank slate. To that I added stripes in Pine Grove by Behr on the ceiling, Dorothy Draper’s Brazilliance wallpaper and this vintage chandelier……


At one point I had this vintage artichoke-like chandelier in there but it didn’t give off enough light so I switched it up…..

FTRB laundry room

I really love this fixture though so I ended up installing it in our powder room. Speaking of which, I don’t think I ever revealed the powder room either. Is that possible? If you’d like to see it, here is a shot of it.

Well, I think that catches us up on all the rooms here at Chez FTRB. And just in time too. Big things are brewing so there is going to be some major news in the coming weeks. So please watch this space… and my Instagram @FromTheRightBank. See you soon!


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