Interior Design Plan for the Farmhouse


Thank you for all of your kind comments on my last post. Things are definitely looking brighter these days and your support is one of the reasons.

Today, let’s talk about our new farmhouse and specifically, the design I have in mind for the interior.


I decided my theme for the entire farm project is going to be Peace & Tranquility. After all, that is the entire reason we wanted a place in the country. How I see this translating into the interior of the farmhouse is white and neutral decor that is simple and uncluttered.


So here is some of the inspiration I’ve been collecting. For the living room…..




There’s a great old cast iron wood burning stove like this one which we are going to put to good use in the winter…..


I want the house to be comfortable, casual and cozy which is what I think a farmhouse should be. But at the same time I’ll be staying true to my style so it’ll lean more Scandinavian than rustic. It’s my chance to embrace my minimalist side. (I swear I have one!)

For the dining room…..




And the most important thing I should probably mention is that I’m planning on furnishing it almost entirely with pieces we already have. The truth is our house is much larger than we need and there is more than enough furniture in it to spare. So I feel good about repurposing some of it for the farmhouse rather than buying more new things.

For the bedrooms, there will be plenty of white of course…..




I think you get the idea of the vibe I’m after. Lots of linen, wood and other natural elements…..

As I said before, the only real work that needs to be done is in the kitchen and bath and lately I’ve been consumed with finalizing those plans. (Demo starts next week!) When I head out there to check on progress, I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos of everything. Every other time I’ve been there, I never had enough time. Have a great day, guys and I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks!

(All photos can be found on my Pinterest board called FTRB Farmhouse.)

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4 thoughts on “Interior Design Plan for the Farmhouse

  1. I am still so incredibly excited for you…and think this might be a bit of karma at work! 😉 I love all of this for your concept but will you have a mud room where you can enter and depose your boots and the like? Because country living is not as clean as city living as I imagine you know! It is good to have a place to be able to clean up the pups after walks because otherwise all of that white…

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