Paris, a Chic City Guide

paris by laduree

I am frequently asked for travel tips for Paris and I had been diligently working on a guide when Paris by Ladurée by Serge Gleizes (Vendome Press/Scriptum Editions, October 2016) arrived in the mail. After I read it, I concluded there was no need for me to finish mine because this newly published guidebook is essentially the guide I would have written!

paris by laduree

While the iconic patisserie is world famous for their colorful macarons, it’s their distinctive French style that made me a fan decades ago. Their beautifully decorated salons in Paris were always one of my favorite meeting spots for breakfast or lunch. So I knew even before opening Paris by Ladurée that I would be in agreement with their recommendations but what I didn’t know was just how much.

paris by laduree

Paris by Ladurée gives us all of their favorite hotels, restaurants, shops, museums and cultural spaces in Paris. It is divided into four sections: Gourmandise (Gastronomy), Mode & Beauté (Fashion & Beauty), Décoration (Interior Design), Culture (Culture) and includes plenty of wonderful photographs and illustrations.

paris by laduree

What makes it such a perfect guide is that it is so comprehensive; it includes all of the mandatory Paris classics as well as the favorite spots of locals that are lesser known to tourists.

In all honesty, there isn’t much more I could add or change. My favorite cafés, boutiques, patisseries, brocantes…. they’re all there! I have personally been to most of the places in the book and can recommend them without hesitation. As for the rest, I will be adding them to my list for my next trip.

So there you have it, Paris by Ladurée is the ultimate guide to Paris that I would have written. The softcover and size make it perfect to take with you on your next trip to Paris too.

(Photos and illustrations by Pierre-Olivier Signe.)
Review copy provided by Vendome Press.

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