One Room Challenge, Week 3


It’s amazing how quickly seven days fly by when you’re on a weekly deadline! So here we are at Week 3 already but I’m happy to report that the most labor intensive part of the entire project was completed this week.


Yup, the entire room has been wallpapered! And not with just any wallpaper but exquisite Farrow & Ball wallpaper. The pattern I chose (Aranamiis one of their papers that uses hand engraved blocks on which pigmented paint, rather than ink, is applied through a trough and roller then the block pressed onto the paper. I really admire traditional methods and craftsmanship so this is the kind of thing that makes my heart aflutter.

So here is the room dismantled and turned upside down as the first wall went up…..

and as we made progress…..

So, I’m something of a wallpaper junkie (as is evidenced by our hallway, powder roomlaundry roomguest room and butler’s pantry……) and in all of these cases, I had a professional do the installation. And the spaces look pretty good but my inner perfectionist has never been 100% satisfied with the work they’ve done.

So, with the last couple of wallpapering projects, I roped my unsuspecting husband into helping me. And by help I mean he did all the work because he’s meticulous with details and measurements and such whereas I don’t have the patience for any of that. (I know, I know. A perfectionist who doesn’t have the patience to be perfect. It’s not an ideal combination, let me tell you.) Anyway….. remember the amazing job he did with the water closet?

So there was really no choice when it came to wallpapering the bedroom as far as I was concerned. He countered that, actually, I had plenty of choices. But I pleaded my case that no one else could do the job as well (which is totally true) and I also promised him this would be the last time. After we both stopped laughing hysterically at that, he somehow agreed and proceeded to spend the entire weekend covered in paste. Husband of the Year.

And it looks A-MAZING. Look at all the tricky corners and angles he had to tackle…..

This guy was not helpful in the least but did provide periodic snuggles so there was that…..


So, with the biggest piece of the plan completed, it should all be downhill from here, right? Ha! Let’s see about that next week! (If you need to catch up, my post for Week 1 is here and Week 2 here.)

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17 thoughts on “One Room Challenge, Week 3

  1. That Farrow & Ball wallpaper is both timeless and fresh and looks GORGEOUS in your space! I think we may have husbands competing for hubs of the year, here, but the truth is all ORC hubbies probably deserve an award, don’t you think? It’s kind of like being an Instagram husband, but with a lot more physical labour involved. 😉

    Can’t wait to check in on you again next week, and in the meantime, Godspeed!

    Sarah xx

  2. Oh man you’re ambitious. I did one wall of wallpaper in my old master and it nearly drove me crazy lol. Looks great though! Can’t wait to see the final result.

  3. I love that you have a fireplace in your room and I got a glimpse (from your photos) of the fire grate that you are placing there. Can’t wait to see the final product.

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