Sneak Peek of the Living Room and Other House Updates


Happy June, everyone!

We’re getting down to the wire on the magazine shoot and believe it or not, I think we might actually be ready! Of course, I’ll never be completely ready (as in done with my house) but at some point, you just have to say Stop. And I think I’ve reached that stage. (It’s only taken how many years?)


Surprisingly, the hardest part of this entire process hasn’t been the work to get the house ready. Rather, the hardest part has been refraining from posting photos here or anywhere on social media. As you know, I’ve been hyper vigilant about not giving anything away before publication which, as a blogger, has been tough!

So I’m so excited to finally share at least one recent shot with you. Here is the living room in its current incarnation…..


This was posted on Instagram by Lisa Mowry when she came to interview me for the story a couple of weeks ago. She is the Homes Editor for the magazine and also happens to be one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. I was thrilled when I saw her post on IG because I could finally share a real photo! (Thanks for the photo, Lisa!)

Anyway, the room looks completely different than last year, doesn’t it? Or the year before (or the year before….. ) And actually, there have been a few changes/additions even since this post! More on that below…..

So this brings me to that to-do list to get everything else ready. You know I love me a list! I added a few things to it since my last post. Again, these are things I had been wanting to do anyway but had been putting off. I tell you there’s no greater motivation than a photo shoot to get things done! I’m so grateful to have my house featured but I’m equally grateful that it’s forced me to finally get my house to this state.

So here we go…..

– Reupholster stools for living room.
I decided not to use them in there after what I did above. They’ll probably go in the family room or my office at some point.


– Find new pillows for living room. Done.
See above.


Find floor lamp for living room. Done.
I finally got one of my favorite lamps of all time – a grasshopper…..

grasshopper lamp

I don’t know why I waited this long to get one!


– Find console for living room. Done.
I had been looking for a console on and off for this spot in the living room for over a year. I had all but given up when I found this rattan wrapped number at a local vintage shop a couple of weeks ago…..

It’s from the 1940’s and I thought it was pretty unique. Styling is in progress, of course.


– Find new stools for kitchen island? Done.

After mulling over my options in the last post, I decided on the wishbone style…..

I’m so happy with how they look with the finishes and colors in the kitchen.


– Paint guest room pink/peach. Done.
So this took two trips to the paint store and five samples…

Pink is a really tough shade to get right…..


But I finally landed on the perfect shade that is slightly blush/peach/coral…..


It’s Spring Pink by Benjamin Moore and I love it as the backdrop to the Schumacher Pearl River fabric I’m using in the room…..

This room is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for you to see it!


– Hang art in dressing room. Done.
I first removed the wallpaper that was in there…..

You may remember I was going to repaper it with Queen of Spain but after I took this paper down and laid out all the art I wanted to hang, I decided to leave the wall white. I know. After all that! I’ll do a separate post on the dressing room a little later.


– Find rug for the master bedroom. Done.
I went with a simple jute. Nothing too exciting but it works.


– Hang art in guest rooms (and everywhere else).


– Styling, styling, styling.

I have meetings out of town this weekend but as soon as I get back, you can bet these are the only two things I’ll be doing! I’m doing the styling myself so I’m equally nervous and excited. Wish me luck! And I’ll be on Instagram (@FromTheRightBank) and Facebook in real time with the BTS if you’d like to follow along. Hope to see you all there!

(All photos by FROM THE RIGHT BANK except the living room by Lisa Mowry.)

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