Wallpapered Water Closet


How long has it been since we had a good old fashioned reveal here at FTRB? You can’t remember? Me either! Well, I finally have one that I can share. It’s a small one but a reveal nonetheless.

As an aside, can I just say how weird it feels to say, “Hey, come look at my toilet!” But I guess when you put your entire house on the internet, it’s not that weird….. Even after blogging about my house for 7 years, the whole concept still feels odd at times. But I digress. Let me present to you the newly beautified water closet…..

I’m in love. You may remember that when I was focused on my dressing room, I rounded up my favorite black and white wallpapers. I just couldn’t get Fornasetti Nuvolette out of my mind after that. In fact, I held off on ordering the Queen of Spain paper for the dressing room because I thought maybe I wanted to change it to this. Needless to say, that makeover is still not done….. but back to the water closet…..

I considered many wallpapers for this space and came close to pulling the trigger on a couple of them. But ultimately I had to accept the fact that Nuvolette had to be in my life in some way. So then I asked myself, “Why not use it here?” Looking back, it was the most simple and logical choice. And it was under my nose the entire time. Sheesh.

Oh well, all’s well that ends well, right? And I’d say the story of the water closet has ended very well.


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12 thoughts on “Wallpapered Water Closet

  1. If you feel silly posting about your WC, can you imagine how silly I would feel in gushing about how gorgeous it is? So instead, I will just congratulate you on another fantastic, perfect choice. 😉

    1. Powder room is much more elegant than “toilet,” isn’t it? But since this room only contains a toilet, it is technically a “water closet” which is only slightly more elegant than “toilet!” 🙂

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