A Few Little Updates In the Living and Family Rooms

coffee table
Coffee table got a little spring refresh.

I’ve been getting a lot of little projects knocked out around the house and it feels great! And it seems like a lot of them involve painting in some form or another.

After painting the butler’s pantry I took a paintbrush to the coffee table in the living room. You may remember I painted it a dark gold/bronze a while back. That worked fine in the family room but ever since I moved the table into the living room, I felt like it needed to be a little lighter. And I already had the gold metallic Ralph Lauren paint left over from Project Hallway which was the perfect color. Here’s how it looks now……

gold coffee table

The other thing to update you about in the living room is that I made a decision on the the upholstery for the new sofa and ordered it last month. In the end, I chickened out and chose – can you guess? – white. I know. But I just couldn’t commit to any of the colors and know that white will always work no matter what else I change in the room.

So here’s the space all cleared out, ready for the sofa…..

The bookshelves also got a little refresh.

Moving on to the family room, I busted out some paint in there too. Remember these tables from the guest room? I’m using some different tables there so I brought these into the family room and painted them white…..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

You can’t ever go wrong with white…..

And the mantel in the room is getting new sconces in the form of these…..

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some really simple brass sconces because I have a new ceiling light coming for the room. (More on that in a different post.)  I still love the Circa library sconces in there right now but they won’t work with the ceiling light. They will, however, work in the guest bath so that’s where they’re going. (That room also needs a separate post.) Anyway, simple fixtures are harder to find than you’d think so I was so happy when I finally found these. It’s a new one called Calhoun from Currey & Co. I love them.

There are some more projects being cranked out so there will be another roundup soon. Enjoy your weekend!

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16 thoughts on “A Few Little Updates In the Living and Family Rooms

  1. Sooo, does anybody know where to buy that awesome coffee table in pink-white-gold-bronze or any other awesome color????

  2. Can’t wait to see the new couch! I think you’re kind of brave going with white though! I’d be scared of all the messy people and things I live with. 😉 I have an english rolled arm coming soon and I didn’t go bold either – though I got samples of color….inky blue black will hide our lab’s hair and hopefully lots of other things. Ha.

  3. A little bit of a random/creepy response but I think that I could camp out for a week in your house just looking at your books and be happy, Ally. 😉

    White? It is going to be beautiful but keep the dustbuster handy for doghair!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! I love the coffee table, and my goodness, those shelves are perfection! Not too empty, like most styled shelves you see on Pinterest and such. Love.

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