Project Laundry Room Progress: The Before, Wallpaper Ordered, Light(s) Found

houseandhome(Not my laundry room! It’s Sarah Richardson’s.)

I realized that in talking about Project Laundry Room all this time, I hadn’t shown you any pictures of the space. I could have sworn I had so sorry about that. It’s a pretty small room with a sink and cabinets on one side and the machines on the other. Because it’s such a tight space, it’s hard to get a good shot but this will give you an idea…..

So this is what we’re starting with and I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seats (ha!) waiting for me to decide on the whole Brazilliance question. Well, I finally pulled the trigger and the wallpaper has been ordered! In the end, the fact that this was the only place where I would have the chance to use it made the decision for me.

With that done, I wanted to address the fluorescent light situation. Basically, it had to go.

I wanted something unique so I got on ebay – which I haven’t done in a long time – to see what I could find. Sure enough, ebay came through which made me wonder why I don’t go on it more often. (Maybe because I don’t need to feed my hoarding habit, that’s why.)

Anyway….. this little chandelier is one of the first things I saw and it just struck me as the perfect thing – once it got a little makeover, of course.

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how heavy it was. I admit I hadn’t paid attention to the length of the wiring but luckily it turned out to be just long enough. (Let that be my duh ebay tip for the day. If you’re buying a light fixture, make sure there is enough wire!)

I debated a few colors but ultimately decided a clean white would be best. So a can of white spray paint later we got this…..

I love it so, so much.

So I thought I was all done but then I saw this on Instagram over the weekend…..


and it’s kind of perfect for the room too. I’m thinking of maybe giving her a new coat of paint too but haven’t decided yet.

In any case, either light could work in a number of other places in the house so it’s just a question of choosing which one goes where. I’m leaning toward keeping the first one in the laundry room but we’ll see.

So it’s going slowly but hey, it’s progress…..

(Photos: 1.House & Home 2-6.FTRB)

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  1. looking forward to seeing your laundry room come together! i’ve been pondering mine here and there as well but haven’t come to any solid conclusions.. it’s tough stuff! and… i really am officially hooked on parker kennedy >,<

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