Reveal of The Wet Bar (Or, My Boldest Project to Date)

It’s still only January so I probably shouldn’t say this because I don’t want to jinx anything but….. 2014 is shaping up to be the year I finally do the things-I’ve-been-wanting-to-do-forever-around-the-house.

There’s the foyer, the laundry room (preparations are underway!) and this past weekend, I tackled the wet bar:

As many of you know, I’ve been wanting to do something with this space for-evah. To refresh your memory, here is what it looked like before:

and looking the other way:

I really wanted to do something bold here, to experiment and to not have it look like anything I’d seen before but I just couldn’t commit to any of my many ideas.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled on this wallpaper at Lowe’s and thought, “Now this is interesting…..” It’s by a company called Sunworthy SuperVinyl – such an unglamorous name! – but hey, when something is good, it’s good whether it comes from the hardware store or the design center. In fact, if you’re experimenting like I was doing here, designer wallpaper seems kind of wasteful. You can play around with a much clearer conscience when the paper costs under $45 for a double roll! (That’s right!) Oh, and it’s scrubbable which is very practical for a wet bar. Weirdly, there’s no name for this pattern but here’s the label:


It says vinyl but it really doesn’t look it. There’s just a very subtle sheen and texture.

Anyway, when I first started thinking about this space ages ago, I was just going to paper the walls. But then, as you may remember, I started thinking about doing some sort of paint treatment on both the walls and cabinets. And I guess that idea stuck with me because as soon as I saw this wallpaper I could envision the whole space covered in it and I couldn’t get started fast enough!

I normally like to leave wallpapering to the professionals but because this was not your standard wallpapering job and I wasn’t even sure how I wanted it executed, I decided to do it myself – with the help of my very handy (and very patient) husband, that is – and figure it out as I went along.

It took a good part of a day with the doors and drawers being the trickiest part. I need to clean some of them up but all in all I think they turned out okay. I also have plenty of paper left so I can also re-do them down the road if necessary. (I got three double rolls and used about two and a half.)


Oh and in case you’re wondering that sconce is from Currey & Co. which originally had a gold finish that I had painted white at one point and just repainted with some gold/brass craft paint. (I know. I should have left it alone to begin with.)

My number one goal with this space was for it to not be boring and I think I accomplished that. It’s so satisfying when a project turns out as well or better than I had pictured in my head. I’m quite proud of this idea, if I do say so myself!


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81 thoughts on “Reveal of The Wet Bar (Or, My Boldest Project to Date)

  1. Wow, talk about stunning! You and your husband have done an AMAZING job! The space looks incredible!
    I’ve seen this wallpaper in green colorway, and I’ve wanted to put it in my powder room, and I think I just got the motivation to do it.

  2. Wow, that looks fabulous! Could you share your resources for wallpapering? I’m trying to get up the courage to wallpaper our powder room, as i’ve never used wallpaper before. The wet bar looks great.

    1. You know, I didn’t really use any resource. I’ve just watched enough wallpaper being hung over the years. 🙂 The one tip I can give is to put the glue sides together for a few minutes after you’ve wet it to let the glue get really tacky before you hang it.

  3. Ally, the wet bar looks absolutely STUNNING! It’s one of the most successful and impressive makeovers I have seen in a long time – well done and thanks for sharing!

  4. are you freakin’ kidding me?!?! this is amazing!! you have everyone running out to lowe’s to buy this. did it install just like wallpaper?

  5. I cannot believe you installed this yourself. You are superwoman! It turned out amazing – and I would never guess you found this wallcovering at Lowe’s for less that $50 a roll!!

  6. Holy wow, lady. This is impressive and so un-boring! I’m shocked and totally love it! It’s like a bad ass version of a Kelly Wearstler room shrunk down into a wet bar. Seriously, this is great and even better that it was an affordable option from Lowes! Who’da thunk? I’m sold.

    Much Love,

  7. It looks so fabulous! Way to take what can be an outdated concept ( wet bar ) and kick it up to 11! When I saw the first glimpse, I wasn’t convinced, but the more I look at it the more chic it is and the more I love it. And I can’t believe you tackled matching that up yourself. Brave!

  8. Ally this is what I call ‘design’. It’s unique, it’s clever & it’s just damn good!!

  9. I can’t believe this came from Lowe’s! I love how this turned out and now my wheels are turning about my closet…were there other patterns this cool!?

  10. GET OUT. That is insane. And from Lowe’s? I want to run there right now. It looks crazy expensive. I know the paper is beautiful, but how about your wallpapering skills? I mean, to match all of that up and deal with the trim on the doors…I am impressed all around!

  11. the best thing I’ve seen in a while. just the kind of project I love… great looking yet budget friendly. amazing eye and amazing outcome on this one, ally. donna

  12. Wow! Very cool! I would never think to do that. I thought the first picture was an inspiration photo! Amazing.

    As an aside, do you know what color the cabinets were? I think it would look lovely in my kitchen…

  13. I am always blown away when people’s minds work the way yours did to bring you inspiration for this project! I would never in a million years have thought to wallpaper that entire space, but it is absolutely stunning. So dramatic, interesting and different – especially in the Internet space when we’re so often on repeat. Amazing job. Thank you for the inspiration. What are the images? Cut stone?

  14. Perfect! I have nothing new to add to this great mix of comments, but I am so blown away by how cool and unique this is that I had to comment–and I never comment on blogs. I want to post these photos on pinterest–I think your bar will go viral. Well done & cheers.

  15. Wow! What a difference.

    There was nothing wrong with the original design but with this wallpaper, a nice space became a drop dead gorgeous/interesting space.

    I agree with the other comments. This wallpapering job looks like it was done by professionals. Brava!!

  16. Let me present some numbers here: $150 and 58. $150 (a minimal investment for such a big, bold after) has never looked better. And 58 comments just demonstrates how inspiring this space is.

    You’re right, 2014 is off to quite a start for you and your home!

  17. I never comment on blogs….always read….but this was too awesome not to comment. High five! This looks straight out of magazine. How refreshing to see something UNIQUE and beautiful in the blogging world. Way to go!

  18. I immediately ran to Lowe’s (within an hour of seeing your post!) and ours only carries Allen and Roth stuff. So bummed! This reminds me so much of the Black Crow Studios watercolor wallpaper– perfection! Great job!

  19. Oh my, I love, love this. This is the best DIY reveal I have seen for the New Year. I want to pat the wet bar! Great job on it! And kudos to your Husband for being patient. LOL..I am with you on this, I would hand the install to my patient Hubby as well.

    For those of you who are trying to find the pattern…here you go.—Roth-Gray-Peelable-Vinyl-Prepasted-Wallpaper-eclectic-wallpaper-

    Ill be ordering some as well!

  20. This trasformation is amazing. I love the dramatic impact it makes, and you can’t beat the price. Please tell me you are going to do a tutorial on how you did it all. So glad to have found your blog via the Aestate!!


  21. Ally,

    It was so exciting to see our Sunworthy Supervinyl pattern used in such an exciting way! I work for Blue Mountain Wallcoverings the company that produces this wallpaper. I have to say that you did a truly fantastic job, I can only imagine the work and time that went in to this. It was completely worth it by the looks of it!

    I did want to mention for anyone who is interested in tackling a project like this. When applying wallpaper to a surface that isn’t a wall, we would recommend testing a strip on the surface to to make sure there is a proper adhesion and no corner lifts. Various surfaces have been treated with varnishes or oils and may not adhere the same and extra paste may be necessary.

    I hope that you are pleased with the performance of our wallpaper! Enjoy your decadently decorated wet bar!

    Warmest Regards,

    1. Thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise to have the manufacturer stop by to comment. 🙂 Thank you also for the tip. As I was just winging it I didn’t have any guidance so this is very helpful.

  22. Hello, I randomly found your post through another blog and I am lost for words. I am a decorative painter and have painted walls to look like malachite, so your use of this beautiful pattern makes my heart beat fast! I am truly inspired.

  23. Well, I think you might break Pinterest with this one. I might have to copy for my powder room!!! I’m neither designer nor blogger; just a stay-at-home mom design-blog lover so a sincere and heartfelt thank you for this inspiration and for sweetly displaying the label!!!!!

  24. Ally- I saw this post a year ago when you first completed it. I shared it on my blog and was convinced I would use this wallpaper for my powder room. I couldve sworn I left a comment to say how unbeleivable a transformation this was! just gorgeous! Now a year later, I have still not tackled this project, but now I am wondering if you can share how this paper has held up. You have cabinets and are probably getting a lot more wear in a bar area, but would love a little review. you know the black hole that is wallpaper when you start looking, and since i am still loveing this pattern, i would like to just buy it and get it finished! please let me know your thoughts.

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