My Best Decorating Advice for Creating a Personal Home

The title of this post may sound like it’s going to be some long dissertation but actually, it could not be simpler. My best advice for creating a truly unique and personal home is this: buy original art.

If you’re a regular FTRB reader you know that I’m a huge art lover and that I’m somewhat of an evangelist when it comes to original artwork. There are so many talented people all over the world who are making great art at all price points, there’s just no reason to settle for soulless, mass-produced, ubiquitous pieces. Plus, you’re supporting artists and in my book, that’s huge.

For my post at Houzz this month, I rounded up twenty original paintings from, all under $200 and here are a few. I had a hard time limiting it to twenty because I could shop for art all day, everyday. I love it that much. You can get more details on these and see the rest of my picks here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s available so go online, visit local galleries and art fairs, dig around flea markets and junk shops and pick up some original art! Don’t buy the dining room one though because I want it! Kidding. Sort of.

Have a great weekend, everyone, see you Monday!

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17 thoughts on “My Best Decorating Advice for Creating a Personal Home

  1. You are so right! Mass art just loses all soul. I have a lot of vintage pieces and originals passed down to me as well as some of my own art. It makes such a difference. Etsy is truly the best site for affordable art! Great tip!


    PS Congrats on the InStyle mention! 🙂

  2. Yay, Ally! Supporting artists! Yeah! And hello? These are gorgeous choices. I am an art addict too because it is the one thing in your house that is truly original. You can always swap out those funky chairs for another kind or change the pillows and curtains but art? Remi and I always say that if we ever make a big, big move the art (and our Buddhas) are the only thing we will hold on to.

    PS. I do believe that you need that dining room painting. Actually when I looked at it, I thought that it was your dining room! If you buy it, couldn’t that be considered a tax write off for design research? 🙂

    Bon WE!

  3. Ally, I couldn’t agree more. My two favorite elements in any room, typically, are the art and the rugs. Like a one-of-a-kind painting, I think anyone can add a personal feel to a room with an antique or vintage rug. I’ve never regretted these kinds of purchases.

  4. ally, i totally agree. original art makes a huge difference. and some of my favorite original art i’ve found on vacations and those pieces bring back such special memories. pam

  5. A girl after my own heart… someone who believes mass-produced art is not worth a place on my wall 🙂 As evidence to that most of the walls in my house are bare because I refuse to “fill” the space until I find just the right original (or at the very least, a print from an up and coming artist). The things I do have are very special (i.e, a block-print from an artist bought on the streets of Paris and two watercolor paintings from an artist in Rome). Meaningful and not very expensive.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out for artists! I so agree, nothing is gives a house that personal look more than art. Especially original one-of-a-kind art! My daughter recently opened an Etsy shop to sell her paintings {she put together a business plan, etc – not bad for a 15 yr old} and I have her art all over the house. Love!
    Also I have a few pieces from Etsy, from my travels and from other sources. Makes me smile 🙂

  7. I couldn’t agree more – original art is what makes a home special and unique to YOU. All the art pieces I have (not that many since I’ve only started collecting in recent years) have some special meaning to me – whether there was a personal connection with the artist, or a piece I found on my travels.

    And thank you for recommending these pieces – they are beautiful. It would be fab if you could one day list some of your fave etsy shops or artists. I find browsing on etsy so overwhelming sometimes.

    1. Hi, Liv, I know what you mean about etsy.. Believe it or not, I’ve shopped very little on it so I don’t have any favorites as of yet. But I definitely like the artists in this roundup and would keep an eye on them.

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