I’m So Glad I Looked at a Million Wall Sconces…..

I removed the wall sconces above the fireplace in the family room when we moved into our house a year ago. They weren’t horrible but they just weren’t “me.” (I started typing “us” but let’s get real.) I had intended to replace them with the Circa two-arm sconces but there was that little part of me that kept saying “Yes, but maybe you’ll find another one you like better.”

So fast forward a year later: after looking at a million sconces, guess what? There’s not a single sconce I like better! Yup, I’m so glad I spent all those hours looking at all those other lights. It’s not like I had anything better to do ….. Sheesh. So a year later, my first choice has been ordered and are on their way. I can’t wait to see them in place!

If you get a chance, stop by on Sunday for a book giveaway. Have a great weekend!

(Photos: 1.New York Times 2.Domino)

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31 thoughts on “I’m So Glad I Looked at a Million Wall Sconces…..

  1. Great choice – I love these!! And I do the same thing – I am not an impulse shopper – I have to look at all the choices and then feel like I’ve made an educated decision. But I know how you feel – when you end up where you started it can seem like it was all a folly – but it isn’t. Now you can feel confident you made the right choice. Love them in the bathroom as well!

  2. Great choice! Sometimes you absolutely have to take the long way around (from a girl who has been unable to commit to a bed purchase in 3 years and will probably bite the bullet and buy the first one she considered).

    I know it can feel like a waste of time, but there’s usually a good reason there was hesitation. And sometimes it’s waiting for other pieces to fall into place to make a purchase seem right!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Very wise words, Jane. I do think I needed to finalize (to the extent anything is ever really finalized) the plans for the rest of the room to confirm it was the right one. Now go and get that bed!!! 🙂

  3. I do that kind of thing all the time. Thinking and searching only to discover that the first love was the best.

    What color way did you get?

    mb from Dallas

  4. Sometimes patience does pay off! I’m sure they will look great! What finish are you purchasing them in?

    Please show us them in the living room when they’ve been installed!

  5. Can’t wait to see them hung! Sometimes you instantly fall in love with a piece and know it’s right, and other times you need to see everything out there to make sure you made the best decision! Either way you end up with the right thing (even though the second way can be a little more frustrating-but in this case looks so worth it!)

  6. hahahah – let’s get real. I totally use that with my sweetie. I’ve been brainwashing him and preparing him for co-habitation. I just excuse everything with, ‘do what you want with your man cave’ and that usually makes him ‘happy.’

    Love the choice. There is style in Atlanta. 🙂

  7. Too funny. I bet they’ll be great.

    I’m in the middle of specifying the lighting for our entire building and many of my first choices are from Circa. I don’t know what the quality’s like in person but their products look gorgeous online. And the prices aren’t too brutal either.

    1. We have several pieces from Circa and I think the quality is top notch and I agree that the price point is reasonable.

  8. So funny how that happens…I did that with our marble counters. Saw the perfect slabs right off the bat but how was I to know they were ‘really’ the perfect ones unless I searched every stoneyard in the Pacfic Northwest…and then some! They ended up being the ones…and now I have the bonus skill of know my way around the stoneyards blindfolded.

    Absolutely love the sconces (and Circa)…you’ve got a great *gut*…can’t wait to see them up! Way to check off the list…
    xo J~

  9. Oh lovely! Bendy things always appeal to the old-fashioned industrialist in me. Now in my notebook of Sconces I Met And Liked.

  10. This post cracks me up because I’ve been looking for the perfect sconces for my master bath for six months (lots I like, but nothing I’ve loved perfectly). And this is the crazy part: my new mirrors won’t fit with my overhead sconce, so I’ve been mirrorless for six months!


  11. great choice, I love them too! I was looking for something similar for my guest bedroom! and now, you have inspired me…. these would be perfect!

  12. Yup, I love em too. I found a knockoff at CSN but haven’t ordered it yet. It’s just not the same. I may have to go for the real thing.

  13. i dont care how many times i look at these sconces, i also still love them. i’d like to put them in my office, in brass. thanks for the nudge to do so!

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