I May Have Finally Found a Dining Room Light. For Real This Time.

The first time I saw this Jean de Merry light was when I had lunch at BG Restaurant in Bergdorf Goodman in New York several years ago.

They are all flush mounted in the restaurant but it usually hangs from a chain:

I was reminded of it more recently when I saw this room in the 2010 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles’ Christmas House:


When I saw it, I realized that it is exactly what I’ve been searching for for my dining room without even knowing it.

My only hesitation with the light is that I’m afraid I’m going to start seeing it everywhere and then I’ll start hating it. This is definitely an investment piece so I can’t be swapping it out 6 months from now!

Oh, what to do, what to do …..

(Photos: 1-2.Kelley Wearstler 3.Jean de Merry 4-5.Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles 6-7.FTRB)

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33 thoughts on “I May Have Finally Found a Dining Room Light. For Real This Time.

  1. I first saw this fixture in a house decorated by Betty Burgess, with architecture by Stan Dixon – it was in AH&L.

    Here is a pic: http://www.atlantahomesmag.com/sites/default/files/images/3/gallery_images/100325_EGDINES_Lowe_Burges_06.jpg

    It truly defined the house. Betty’s assistant told me that Betty had been wanting a client to use it for a long time, but it was a but edgy for Atlanta. The clients who live in this home loved it.

    If you love it, you should get it. It is really a remarkable piece, truly like a sculpture. I love Jean de Merry, and think Ryan’s showroom is a great addition to the Atlanta design scene.

  2. Oh. My. That is one amazing, amazing piece. And I don’t do modern! Wow.

    And I have to agree that it would be unique in your environment, definitely.

    You are on a roll!

  3. Buy it. Love it. And just never look at an interior design magazine or blog again.


    You are always going to face this unless you find a vintage one of a kind piece. I say go for it… it’s pretty special.

  4. It’s AMAZING.

    And if it’s a real investment, it’s not going to be just anywhere. Unlike the huge Ikea paper snowflake pendant I have in my dining room like so many others. And I even still love that.

    Sometimes I think that a frantic hunt can lead to a letdown and second guessing when you find the prize. You’ve been so focused on finding it, you wonder if you really want it. And then that passes. Don’t you think?

    1. I think you’re so right about the price keeping it from being overused. I’m kind of afraid someone will start knocking it off though and that would really get my goat!

  5. I love, love, love this fixture and was just about to write a post about it but you beat me to it! I think it is interesting and unexpected with just enough of a vintage vibe. I say go for it!


  6. I say go for it…..especially if you love it!!!! I am the same way though. I have trouble wanting to invest in certain things afraid that I will change my mind later. Go with your gut Aly…that’s the best idea.

  7. It’s fantastic! I feel like it’s pretty unique. I don’t see it as “safe” enough that it will be overused elsewhere.

    How funny, chandeliers seemed to be a popular blog topic today!

  8. Buy it, get sick of it (like all designers eventuallydo), list it on Ebay, take the money and repeat! By the time you make the next purchase I’m sure you’ll be inspired to purchase/ or repurpose another much loved piece!….Ahhhh the curse of the interior designer…Happens every time ;D

    Good luck Ally!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. I was in the West Farms mall on Thursday in CT (outside of Hartford) and the Louis Vuitton at the mall had a window display with a fixture that looked a lot like this light. Its was beautiful! I wish I had shot a photo of it. Made me think of your post.

    If anyone is near by mall a mall LV it might be worth the look to see if they have similar displays in other states.

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