What To Do With Bay Windows


I’ve always loved bay windows and consider myself lucky to to have a couple in our new house. One is in the living room and I kind of like them in their current bare state but I think they would also look great with big, full, white silk drapes. The other one is in the master bedroom so I’m thinking of a combination of window blinds to block out light in the early morning with some drapes over them. And all that got me wondering how do you hang drapes on a bay window? Here are the options I found:

1. Individual drapery rods for each window:

Picture 169

2. Single drapery rod across all three windows:


3. Bay window drapery rods:


So does that about cover it? (Hahahaha!) Okay, seriously though, do any of you have bay windows and what do you have on them?

(Photos: 1.Decorpad 2.Style at Home 3.the Nest 4.Remodeling Center)

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33 thoughts on “What To Do With Bay Windows

  1. I too love bay windows. I have two of them in my current house. The one in the formal lounge has silk curtains on a bent track right to the ground. I have a window seat in the one in the formal dining room. I love sitting in here (and so do my dogs). It is a great place for that phone call you want to have away from computers, televisions and kids. It has curtains to the bottom of the window sill but they are left open most of the time. I had a bay window in a previous house and put roman blinds on that one.
    .-= Jennifer´s last post ..The White Stuff =-.

  2. I grew up with bay windows in my home and I miss them! I would camp out with a book, leave the screen window open and listen to the birds chirping, my dogs playing and the kids on their bikes in the neighborhood. Obviously my speed of life has changed drastically since then but I still get excited when I see stunning bay windows like these!
    .-= Lindsey´s last post ..All Greased Up =-.

  3. Option 3 is what I've implemented in the bay windows in two of our bedrooms. I like the grander sweep of larger curtains rather than individually curtained windows. I really like option 2 as well, especially with the window seat, but I don't have blinds so I'm reluctant to cut out that corner of the room when it's dark.

    Your top image with the roman blinds is beautiful!
    .-= mise´s last post ..senior sofa management position =-.

  4. We just dealt with this issue over at The Design File. We had a "Design Dilemma" from a reader seeking advice about treatments for her bay windows. I even used one of the same photos!

    The original post — which includes comments with suggestions from readers — is here: http://www.thedesignfile.net/thedesignfile/2010/0….

    Then I posted some of the suggested photos here:

    I've never had bay windows myself but I just love full drapes on either side with bamboo blinds on each individual window.

    Good luck!
    .-= Lesley @ TheDesignFile´s last post ..Geometric patterns add interest & fun to rooms =-.

  5. I don't, but if I did I would definitely put in a window seat and then curtains across the whole thing like in your picture! I couldn't resist the urge to have a good book reading seat like that!

  6. I love bay windows, but I HATE mine. They are curved, do you know how hard that makes it to hand curtains correctly, its awful to say the least. Anyway- I still love long panels layered with roman shades.
    .-= LindsB´s last post ..Color me Orange =-.

  7. My favorite look with a window seat is the long rod with draperies flanking either side of the baby – totally classic. A bay with a window seat away from the rest of the chaos of the house (kitchen, computers, toys!) is a dream! Marija

  8. I really love the first picture…makes me want to curl up on the couch and stare out the windows! We don't have bay windows…but we do have a sun room that has 3 walls of windows which has posed quite a challenge for me as to what to cover all 6 windows with! I may have to use the first photo for inspiration – thanks!!

  9. I've got a "faux" bay window (doesn't curve, just inset windows with a teenie tiny window seat) in my bedroom and it's been a real pain to figure out what to do with them — these are some great ideas though and hopefully I use these as a jumping off point.
    .-= Averill´s last post ..Patterned Powder Rooms =-.

  10. Teri: That sounds awesome. 🙂

    Dagny: I'm thinking silk too. 🙂

    Leslie: Thanks for the link. It's great to see all the options.

    Linds: I can imagine round would make it really hard to figure out what to do!

    Naomi: There's crown molding above the window (behind the bay opening) so there's no way to install a rod. That's a great idea, though.

    Maggie: Great! Happy to be of help!

  11. Oh goodness please use those roman-style blinds!!! They are so beautiful and they really make the space look nice.

  12. I have one in my breakfast nook and we have one in the master bedroom. Both have painted wood blinds for privacy. This works well in the kitchen, but I would like to dress up the windows in the bedroom. I love the simple, crisp look of the roman shades and if I were to go for curtains, I think single rod for each window would be my choice. That is if we ever do anything with our bedroom, which I suspect at this point we never will. I freeze up

    when it comes to decorating our master bedroom. Strange, but true!
    .-= nkp´s last post ..This one is all about the bones. =-.

  13. We have 2 bay windows, one in our bedroom where we installed balck out roller blinds which I wind up till they disappear in the day so you don't see them. The other one in the dinning room has no window dressing. They are both corner windows so it would be hard to have curtains.
    .-= Engracia´s last post ..Lona de Anna =-.

  14. Like you, I'm lucky to have a bay window in my living room and in my master suite. I have enjoyed bare windows (only white blinds), but I'm really craving some drapes. I love the black and white striped shades, though, and I can really see them working in my bedroom. Thanks for reminding me to get my window dressing done!

  15. Oh my goshhh!!
    Im living in my “new” house for almost 4 years and still dont jnow what to do in the bay window space and how and where to put the blackout.. Husband complains about it!!
    I give advices in friends homes and for myself is sooo dificult!!!
    Who could help me with that?
    I can send pics and u girls do a small draft and take a puc of it and send me???
    Thanksss. Roberta from rio brasil

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