Gray Kitchens


The kitchen in the new house looks something like these…..


and I’m entertaining the idea of having the cabinets painted gray. I know! That’s HUGE for me since I’m all about white. But we are going to have the whole house repainted (white, of course), including the kitchen, so if I’m ever going to do something like this, now is the time.


I’m planning on using a white and gray palette throughout the house so I think a gray kitchen would tie into the rest of the house.


But the kitchen opens onto the family room which will have white walls. I’m wondering if that would disrupt the flow?


I would probably go with a lighter shade of gray like the ones above or this:


(The marble countertops are just a little darker than the ones above and it has a farmhouse sink too which I love!)

But this dark one is very appealing too.

In the end I will probably chicken out like I always do because I’m always scared that I’ll get sick of the color. But right now, I really, really want to go for it. I’ve even collected paint swatches. So what do you think? Should I do it? Or will my love of gray fade and leave me wishing I had stuck to my tried and true white?

(Photos: 1&4 via Cote de Texas 2,6,8.House Beautiful 3.Decorpad 5.via Apartment Therapy)

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38 thoughts on “Gray Kitchens

  1. I love the dark grey one, it looks like Gwenyth Paltrow's kitchen in the Hamptons(my apologies if you don't like her), I notice it flows on to a white walled room and it looks stunning. I would go for it. Sounds like the kitchen is big enough to take such a strong colour.



    PS stumbled across your blog last week and I have spent the last week thoroughly enjoying myself reading it.

  2. White is lovely, of course but I do think a little splash of grey will give it that je ne sais quoi that I think houses need.

    Grey is my colour of the moment. I only have a little bit in my breakfast room. My house is Victorian and located next to the kitchen was always the room they called the breakfast room. We have painted it in two Farrow and Ball whites and, I decided to paint the wooden fireplace surround, grey and the overmantle mirror grey. The legs of the old pine table, I have painted grey and distressed. I really like it. My favourite picture that you have shown, is the 3rd one. I'm sure that whatever you do will be wonderful.

    It's a difficult time, waiting for everything to be tied up when buying a house. I always say to myself that, it's not ours until I'm sitting in it and I have the keys in my hands !!!! Hoping that it all goes smoothly and, just think. You'll soon be in there and then the world's your oyster in the decorating department !! XXXX
    .-= Jacqueline´s last post ..SNOW at ' HOME ' …………… =-.

  3. It's a great idea to paint it all white before you move in – there's nothing worse than painting round stuff. Those kitchens are super, and I think the grey cupboards would look lovely so long as the kitchen walls are white (for brightness and continuity). I'd definitely go for a chalky grey rather than any sort of a shiny grey to avoid the restaurant kitchen look. Is there a stove in the kitchen? – you could have such fun having it reenamelled in a non-traditional colour to cpmplement the grey.
    .-= mise´s last post ..with my compliments =-.

  4. I think grey isn't a color you'd get sick of as quickly, because it's not one of those in-your-face, overly bright colors that we are in love with one week and despise the following week. Grey is a neutral, which means you can accessorize the kitchen with any color you choose, and change it up when you get tired of it.

    And I think the grey wouldn't disrupt the flow, it might actually work as a virtual separation between the cooking area and the family room, but as long as there's lots of light it shouldn't be a problem IMO.
    .-= Elisa´s last post ..Outfit of the week: let it snow, I’m still going out =-.

  5. Love both choices! It's so hard because they're both appealing, although at least you know that white and the grey are both pretty neutral, no matter which you go with. It's not like your painting it red! I

  6. GO FOR IT! If you get sick of it paint it again. I was just in a darling coffee shop in San Diego and it had grey cabinets and it was darling!

    Can't wait to see the finished product 🙂

  7. Yes! Go for it!

    My friend has a kitchen as you have described, and painted the cabinets a dark, matte blue, but a blue which has similar saturation to the grey in your last photo. It works very very well to bring some modern into the traditional surroundings. So I would say go the whole hog and go for the dark grey… The lighter greys are nice but the dark gray has real visual impact!
    .-= Sophie @ Century Finds´s last post ..Etsy Candy-Colored Christmas =-.

  8. the white cabins in the 1st pic are very lovely, but the creamy ones are not my favorite (the color!)I think you should definitiely try the gray, it's very beautiful color! just not the darkest one, or then maybe go for lot more, like black (yes, black is so nice!). so, rathar light cold gray or simply white, or then black… now i want to move to a house.. good to see you back!
    .-= tiina´s last post ..7 days =-.

  9. I absolutely love grey. Thing is, it's hard to know if the flow will be disrupted without seeing either room or the way the light enters into the picture. I imagine, esp. if you used black, yellow and grey accents in your family room, it would be great!
    .-= K-Line´s last post ..Slippery Slope: Part 3 =-.

  10. Engracia: Thank you and welcome to my blog! I laughed at the "apologies if you don't like her" part – I'm not a big fan but I don't hate her the way I know a lot of people do(!)

    Jacqueline: Your breakfast room sounds divine!

    mise: I wish there were a great enamel stove like yours! But alas, it's just your standard in the wall variety.

    katy: That site is amazing! Thank you for the introduction!

    James: That kitchen is gorgeous! That entire article is pretty great – thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  11. Hi! You hit a soft spot w this post! Go for it! Grey is the ultimate color. It ties with e v e r y t h i n g so you'll never get tired of it.

    IMO, the BEST grey hue out there is the Martha Stewart one. In her site, there are some photos of her grey kitchen (sorry, don't remember which house) and they look amazing. Do try to check them out. Totally worth it!

    I love the grey-lilac-white combination as well as the grey-chocolate-white (so winter-y). And of course the grey-pink or grey-turquoise…see my point? the choices are endless. Oh…! I so envy you!!! Be well!

  12. I think you should go for the gray! and I'm not just saying that because I'm TOTALLY going to be living vicariously through this amazing sounding kitchen of yours. If I ever make it to Atlanta for a visit, I'd love a cooking date in your kitchen that will (fingers crossed) be yours for real soon!
    .-= jen jafarzadeh´s last post ..applesauce muffins on the fly =-.

  13. YEEEEESSSS!If I had gotten the chance (before you decided to pack up your bags!) to bring you to my home – you would have heard me all babbling about (professionally) spray painting all my cabinets LIGHT GRAY! It will most likely happen this spring. I will go very light though, to keep it bright, fresh and airy (I am in Seattle after all!).

    Those are 2 colors you see often see in kitchens in Sweden. White and light gray.

    Happy weekend!

    Hug, Mon
    .-= Splendid Willow´s last post ..Robert and Cortney Novogratz =-.

  14. i love having a gray kitchen b/c then all of your beautiful white things just pop a little more.

    (i have gray-green on my cabinets so it's not the same but sort of 😉

    I think it would be beautiful with white walls & gray's going to be with us for a while. (i bet you move before you get sick of it!! 🙂

    cannot WAIT to see what you do.. i know either way it will be perfection like all of your stuff.

    .-= Lauren´s last post ..Wreaths To Love =-.

  15. I say do the dark gray or stay white… The others — while I can appreciate them — just look a bit too drab. The all-white kitchens, and the one with the darkly-contrasting gray, are gorgeous.

    Go all in or not at all, I say!

  16. I am finally emerging from the whirlwhind that the last quarter of 2009 was for me…and I am loving your blog! I can't wait to read more about your new home in Atlanta (and hopefully, see more pictures!). I have been thinking a lot about kitchens lately, and there is a picture in this post that really resonates with me…I am going to show it to my kitchen designer.

    Welcome to Atlanta! We should have a blogger get together…there are so many great bloggers in Atlanta now.
    .-= Things That Inspire´s last post ..A lovely fabric =-.

  17. I would LOVE to know what color you chose and if you could post a picture? I am in the process of picking a gret myself to paint my cabinets!!! Hard choice!!

  18. I am also in the process of deciding on a dark grey for my kitchen. Do people have any recommendations on shades? I was thinking Farrow and Ball- either Pigeon, downpipe or railings? Do you know what the dark grey kitchen photographed above is?


  19. I am also trying to decide on a cabinet color, and have been going back and forth between white and gray. My wall color is a deep blue-gray, and my countertop color is a milky white. I am leaning towards doing light gray cabinets rather than dark so that they don't compete with the wall color. Does anyone have a recommendation on specific gray shades? Or, should I just stick with white?


  20. I remodeled my kitchen about 7yrs ago and went with white cabinets and dark gray granite counters along with a lighter gray tile on the floor. The backsplash is white 6″ glazed tile with an inset of granite (same as counters) about every 3rd tile. I love it! I purposely picked the gray cuz I knew it was timeless and I would never get tired of it. The wall color is a different story – I also have a living room/kitchen combo with only a breakfast bar seperating them (it has the gray granite on it). I tried white walls – too plain, I now have a light sand color – not the look I was going for. I will be painting it again soon. This time I am using a light gray in the kitchen and the living room. Bottom line, the walls are easier, and cheaper to repaint than the cabinets.

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